Who is Responsible for Cyber Security

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A new study has identified who is responsible for cyber security and how it can be improved. According to the study, the security industry needs to reach out to a wider audience and include non-traditional players. The report recommends an end to the mindset that says the only people interested in security are the governments and corporations, to which the statement goes, “If you are not part of this, you do not care.”

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Pretexting Attack

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The ideal pretext for pretexting an auto is to make sure that the person calling is also in the car. This is called swerving away from the street when your car has just been hit by a driver who has got angry and decided to speed off.

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What is Spear Phishing

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What is spear phishing? It is the use of a fake email or a fake website to carry out the malicious activities. So it is not any harmful computer-based activities but it can harm your financial and personal data.

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Phishing Email Amazon

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There’s a very good chance that if you’ve been paying attention to the Internet lately, you may have come across one of those phishing emails. These are often designed to trick users into divulging their personal information in order to acquire a small fee.

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How to Stop Phishing Emails?

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While the email scams that many receive may seem harmless, they are very dangerous because you might inadvertently share your financial information with a malicious person. To avoid a situation like this from happening, you need to know how to stop phishing emails.

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